These are one of a kind pieces I have made. Although they can not be duplicated, they are examples of my work. And perhaps will inspire you to create your own One of a Kind Creation.

.Amethyst on leather with cord shortenedAmethyst on leather1

Swarovski tribe necklacepearl earrings to match necklace


black and mahogany obsidian, sterling silver

Swarovski crystals, Chinese crystals, pewter (2)


glass and pewter

onyx (1)

Swarovski crystal and sterling

Lithuanian Amber (big chunks), AmberMonetJade and Jasper

Mayan Obsidian heart, goldsheen Obsidian004brooch made into a necklaceMurano glass, Swarovski crystals, gold filled

pearl necklace with Queen Conch cameo pendantfloating necklace

porcelain jewelry setblue and gunmetal jewelry with pearls